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Born and raised on the edge of the Welsh valleys, I have always lived near the sea and this plays a huge part in the inspiration for my work.

I graduated as a set designer and have worked in the theatre and TV industry ever since. My work as a scenic artist and model maker for theatre and standby props and art director for television, has helped to broaden my skills and creative mind. I have noticed that every single stage or set I walk onto, the first place that my eyes are drawn to is the walls.


I am obsessed with creating colour combinations and textures and my eye for white space or 'negative space' determines how I lay colours on a page. 

My perception of artwork is that it is not just a finishing touch to a space, but it defines the personality of a room. 


I want to walk in to a space and to be able to portray everything you need to know about it, and the people who occupy it, with just one painting.

Every wall that exists is an empty page in my stamp book. I want to fill it with as many stamps as possible.

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